20L paint bucket mold and lid mold showing videos

Recently, MINGYU MOLD company got an order of 20L paint bucket. both are one cavity mold. the mold base steel is #45 steel, P20 steel for mold core and cavity.

see below mold drawings showing videos.


Below is the drawing video of the bucket lid mold

What customer should prepare for mold inquiry:

  1. Clear photos of samples and exact dimension, weight
  2. Product drawings in 2D (.dwg) or 3D (.stp,.igs) will be better
  3. Advise product material (ex. which plastic, any addition?)
  4. Cavity number required
  5. What tonnage of injection molding machine will run this mold
  6. mold steel if have require
  7. hot runner, cold runner,
  8. final surface required
  9. inspection requirement of the final product
  10. other related requirement