Injection Mold Design

During the past years, MINGYU MOLD  has designed hundreds of different plastic injection mold. Whether you require a basic mold or a complex mold, there are skilled and experience workers to design your mold properly and on time.

2D mold design

MINGYU MOLD provides complete fully detailed mold designs with prints of all the mold components. This includes the mold layout and assembly drawings with a separate bill of material. Each design incorporates a mold handbook. These manual details references all the important mold features and information about your particular mold. We also furnish pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and hot runner schematics when applicable. There is a design check list to assure the mold design is completed and meets high standards for quality. We believe that we offer the best design and engineering services. We are continuously improving our capabilities to meet our customers’ more and future need.

3D mold design

We offer detail 3D mold design services ranging from simple parting line splits to full 3D mold assemblies using 3D software. Our 3D mold design models include all the parting lines, rounds, fillets and drafts.

We make 3D Mold Design and individual component models of cores, cavities, slide faces, and EDM electrodes to mold makers for CNC programming. By creating mold components as 3D solid models, CNC cutter path can be programmed directly from the resulting geometry using Unigraphics. 2-D references and detail drawings are finalized in Unigraphics or exported to a variety of other CAD packages.

Our engineering team will work with you to develop the mold you need using three-dimensional modeling and state-of-the-art technology to ensure a precise result.

Mold Flow Analyze

We will use the mold flow analyze system if necessary.

Flow analysis includes the filling and packing stages of the injection molding process.

These stages produce some of the most important results for evaluating a product design for injection mold manufacturing.

Warpage results can be used to identify areas of excessive warpage and shrinkage, referencing product drawings and tolerances, it is possible to take point to point measurements from the analysis results to ensure the critical dimensions will be within tolerance after moulding.

Fill time: velocity profiles and shot size (machine specific)
Freeze time: time to freeze the runner, gate and part
Pack time & pressure: packing phase profiles (machine specific)
Venting requirements
Weld line locations
Volumetric shrinkage: shrinkage values for various part geometries
Shear rate: shear rates generated during filling and packing
Pressure at V/P change over
Injection pressure: pressure rates experienced during filling and packing
Reports and results can be tailored to specific requests for part troubleshooting.