automobile front bumper mould

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Brief Introduction of automobile front bumper mould:

1 cavitiy, hot runner, NAK80/H13 steel for mold core&cavity. P20 for mold base


Cavity/core material: H13, 2344, Nak80,

Hardness: 46-50HRc

Injection mould runner: hot runner

Cavity number: 1 cavitity

Machining Machine: CNC,EDM,Drill,Wire Cut,Milling,etc.

CNC machine Tolerance 0.001 to 0.002mm

Design Software: UG,PROE,CAD,SolidWorks  (STP / X_T /IGS,etc)

Part 3D drawing: can help do the 3D design as per customer’s requirement

Delivery time: 80 days