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plastic ladle mould

plastic ladle mould

ITEM: plastic ladle mould,plastic ladle walmart,plastic ladle spoon,plastic ladle for rice,plastic ladle for punch bowl,plastic punch bowl and ladle


plastic ladle mould

Brief Introduction:

1 cavities,cold runner, P20 steel for mold core&cavity.


Plastic material PP
Steel of Mould Cavity & Core P20
Steel of Mouldbase C50
Nos of Cavity 1
Hardness of Cavity & Core 32-42HRC
Hardness of Wear Parts 45-50HRC
Core pulling system none
Mould Accessories Mingyu Standard
Cooling system Mingyu Standard
Surface finish none
Molding  life 500,000 shots
Runner cold runner
1st testing time 60 days
Packing Standard exporting wooden case



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