terminology of injection mould

As we known,mould base,heating component,mould cooling and mould design are very important for the design and manufacture of injection mould.Below are some terminology about the injection mould.

Mould Base

  • injection mould base. consist of mould plates and guide parts
  • standard mould base. Structure,shape and dimension all are in standard,seriation and has some interchangeability. all these parts consist to the standard mould base.

Mould cooling and heating component

  • Cooling channel. A passage through the cooling circulation medium set to control the mold temperature.
  • Partition. A plate member disposed in the mold cooling passage for changing the flow direction of the circulating medium.
  • Heating plate. A plate member having a heating structure is provided to ensure the molding temperature of the plastic part.
  • Insulation board. A plate that prevents heat from being lost.

Mould design

  • Injection ability. The maximum injection volume or mass of an injection molding machine for a given plastic during a molding cycle.
  • Shrinkage rate. At room temperature, the ratio of the linear dimension of the mold cavity to the plastic part and the corresponding linear dimension of the mold cavity.
  • Injection pressure. The pressure required to inject the molten plastic into the mold cavity.
  • Clamping force. The force to be applied when the fixed mold and the moving mold are tightly closed to each other during the molding.
  • Forming pressure. The pressure exerted by the injection molding machine on the projected area of ​​the plastic part.
  • Cavity pressure. The pressure of the molten plastic on the surface of the cavity under injection pressure.
  • Opening force. The force required to open the mold.
  • Ejection force. The force required to dislodge the plastic part from the mold.
  • Core pulling force. The force required to extract the side core from the molded part.
  • Core distance. The distance that the side core or slider needs to move when the side core is pulled from the molding position to a position that does not interfere with the removal of the plastic part.
  • Closed height. The total height of the mold in the closed state.
  • Maximum opening distance. The maximum distance that can be opened between the movable mold of the injection molding machine and the fixed mold mounting plate.
  • Projection area. The sum of the area of ​​the mold cavity, the gating system, and the overflow system projected in a direction perpendicular to the clamping force.
  • Demoulding slope. In order to smoothly release the plastic part, the inclination of the molded part such as the die and the core is set on the side wall which is in the same direction as the mold opening or drawing direction.
  • Stripping distance. The split distance required to remove the plastic part and the runner.